To protect today's youth and educators with the world's most advance technologies and sophisticated networks, that offers them a safe haven in the educational community both physically and online.

our leadership team

Brian C

Our founder


Offer children and educators worldwide with the most secure, state-of-the-art solutions, with its core functionality to protect and educate all through sophisticated methodologies while protecting their identities..


Our teams of dedicated professionals have coupled the world's most advanced technologies from our partner www.pfsee.com with the simplest of methodologies to create a limitless solution that is on its way to change safety in all education

Penny, RN, CMAS, CFO
Our Chief Financial Officer spends her free time bringing all forms of media to children in hospitals working with major media venues.

Foundation History

Elizabeth, President
Our President has worked in many educational environments for the last 20 years and knows first hand the needs of both administration and students.

Americas Safe Kids Solutions

I founded this foundation with one goal in mind; to do what nobody else considered possible; keeping children and their educator’s safe in their educational environment. I didn’t want to just put another security system in but, unique, proprietary solutions that not only made an educational environment safe but protected all who used it, identities secure. All our solutions we use are made here in the Unites States and answer many of the perplexing problems that have plagued education administrators for decades with a mission-critical emphasis now focused on a safer online environment.

"Keeping children safe is my guiding force"

Advocates for Safe Educational Environments

Christy, CIO
Director of IT and Liaison to school administrators and IT and director of systems installation and enrollment

Agnes, Director of Accounts
Is Director of development for educational systems and accounts makes sure the implementation of the right solutions are what people need.

1995 - Mr. C starts the first OnLine Cafe that provided a safe haven for children to use and surf the internet, free from the evils and predators of the internet.
1996 - Started classes at the OnLine cafe for all ages on identity safety on the web and securing our identity for the world around us.

2004 - Started a water safety program, Kids-KNOW, Kids Knowledge Necessary On the Water, educating children on water safety both at home and in all water associated environments. Gave out thousands of life-jackets for kids Pre-K to 18 years of age.

2006 - Revised the Kids-KNOW program - Kids Knowledge Necessary On the Web, which provided the Kids-Nitch web environment for children till they reach age 18 with their own biometric identity card.
2009 - Started implementation of systems in schools as a 501(C)(3) foundation.

2013 - Digital Harbor High School in Baltimore MD was the first high school in the US to receive a system. Now there are over 1000 schools around the world that have these systems.