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Making a difference is as easy as making a call. donations aid in the implementation of "pfsee's"

time and attendance, security Access Control, payment and identification systems in us schools

Keeping children safe and their ID secure is a founding feature of ASKS. By keeping school children within school boundaries and unauthorized individuals out, these systems will help combat truancy and reduce unlawful acts providing an overall safe and secure environment. On a wider scale, the benefits will extend to parents, administrators and the community.

To help provide all students and educators a safe and secure environment to learn in while meeting the needs of administrators for exact time and attendance and secure access control to buildings. ASKS, run by moms, is dedicated to enhancing biometric technology in all education, providing complete privacy and anonymity of a persons biometric data.


ASKS, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation, (run and operated by moms, with help from dads and kids) that has devoted its energy the last 10 years to the development and implementation of time & attendance, security access control, payment and identity management solutions in educational settings around the world. Our support family provides personalized solutions for all education with new state-of-the-art systems to protect and secure our educational environments. Identifying the needs of our educators, ASKS effectively solves security concerns in today’s educational settings. ASKS is committed to making a difference in today's world and keeping our children and educators safe at all levels of education.

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More schools in Maryland this year will be  implementing these systems (with SOSB'sassistance) biometric ID LIFE-Cards and AcuTRAAC's time and attendance and access control system. Our partners are in the process of building these devices needed to complete these projects before year end. Donate today to assist in these projects and receive 2020 tax credits.